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Joanne was such a great help in creating a schedule for our third little guy.

After having 4 year old twins, we were strong believers in creating a good sleep schedule for our children, but didn’t want to wait until our third was 7 months like we did with our twins.

She was able to help us get him onto a healthy sleep schedule at 3 months and minimize crying while doing it. She took everything into account when building his plan: his weight, checking with his doctor, his personality, and his current sleep pattern.

I wish I had known Joanne when we had our twins because she would have saved us many hours of awake time throughout the night. She was wonderful to work with and so easy to contact. Thanks Joanne, you have been such a blessing to our family and our entire family’s sleep!

Jenna Coleman -

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! The best part of working with Joanne (besides the fact that she is incredibly knowledgable and personable) is that she never once questioned our co-sleeping choice, or made us feel like it was a bad decision (as so many people do). I couldn’t ask for a better experience!

Theresa Kaskey -

Joanne was WONDERFUL. She was patient, kind, and never made us feel badly that we had created some bad habits that were partially to blame for our little guy’s lack of sleep.

She worked with us tirelessly to figure out a sleep plan and made her self available to us as needed when we hit roadblocks.

Her knowledge and constant support were very much appreciated, and thankfully, our son now sleeps through the night and has been for several months (he’s currently 11 months).

If you are a parent struggling with sleep deprivation- reach out to Joanne. She is a miracle worker and my husband and I are so very grateful to her for helping us.

Alexis Sherman -

Joanne made herself very available from the moment I reached out to her. She put a sleep plan together based on what my husband and I were comfortable with and took into account the fact that I was worried about my baby waking my toddler if she cried in the middle of the night. Since we started working together, I have called, emailed, and texted with Joanne when I had questions or needed advice.

Her support and feedback have been invaluable. The improvements I have seen in the last five weeks are incredible and I have Joanne to thank for the changes I have seen in my daughter.

Meredith Gardner -

Hiring Joanne was some of the best money I spent! After 2+ years of fighting with my son to sleep, Joanne put a plan in place and was exactly the support I needed day in and day out to see it through. She is such a joy to work with!

Krystin Kunz -

Joanne saved our sleep! Eli went from taking 30 minute naps and waking every 30 minutes all night long, to taking 1.5 hour naps and sleeping 11 hours straight at night, in one month, without using CIO. He’s also a much happier and calmer baby when he’s awake, because he’s getting such good sleep.

I would recommend Joanne to anyone who’s interested in a personalized sleep training plan — she really knows her stuff and was very supportive of our desire to use a non-CIO method, even though it took longer.

Jill Sorkin -

Joanne came to our rescue! Our 4 month old daughter refused to take naps and would only nurse to sleep at night. After she came to our house, she customized an easy to follow sleep technique routine. Joanne was easy to reach when we had any questions. Now, for the past month, we can read the signs when our daughter is getting tired and we can put her down to sleep without any issues. Joanne is truly the baby whisper! We HIGHLY recommend and we will gladly use her services again!

Thomas Kowalski -

Joanne saved my life! My husband and I had a four month old that never slept from day one. We spent four months basically holding him all night long. This was our first baby so we just assumed this is how it was supposed to be.

Well clearly I was very wrong. We met with Joanne and came up with a sleep program for our son. Within days, she had our baby sleeping through the night and when I say through the night, I mean 12 HOURS straight!!! She was quick to respond to all of our calls and texts on our sleep training nights.

We can’t thank her enough for being so supportive in assisting us to establish a happy home life and well rested baby!

Danielle Favata -

We loved working with Joanne! We called her for a pre-baby consultation because neither me or my husband had ever been around babies before, and her advice about swaddling, feeding, and sleeping, as well as the sleep goodies she brought, really helped us ease into parenthood. Her services are a gift.

Vicki Boykis -

Working with Joanne was a pleasure! She saved our sleep.

Joanne helped us create a sleep plan that met our family’s needs. She was so supportive and there to help us work through any bumps in the road. My daughter is now 11 months and puts herself to sleep every night and sleeps through the night about 11 hours. My husband and I both agree that contacting Joanne was one of the best decisions we ever made!

Jennifer Quinn -

We had a wonderful experience with Joanne Palermo. Our son was a pretty good sleeper at night but a horrible napper. Joanne taught us the things that needed to happen at night (even though he was usually pretty good with that) that helped us through the day. She was kind and patient with us and always took into account our parenting style and our son’s temperament and medical issues. He is our third child and I only wish that I knew about Joanne when we had had our first bundle of joy. He now naps for about 2 and a half hours a day which is huge after his three twenty minute naps that he was famous for.

Kelly Ryan -

Joanne was great! She responded promptly to all my questions and was knowledgeable and thoughtful in addressing our particular situation. I’ve recommended her to friends with babies. My 4 month old is a better sleeper because of her help!

Elizabeth -

Joanne was great! She responded promptly to all my questions and was knowledgeable and thoughtful in addressing our particular situation. I’ve recommended her to friends with babies. My 4 month old is a better sleeper because of her help!

Jennifer -

My husband and I were beyond exhausted and had tried every single sleep training method out there, none of which worked for our son. At 9 months old he was waking up every 45 min. all night long, yes about 12-14 times a night and had been doing so since he was 4 months! We were ready to give up on any type of sleep training until we were referred to Joanne. She helped us come up with a sleep training plan which combined a few different methods to fit our little one’s personality, determination and unbelievable stamina. We can now VERY happily say that he is sleeping through the night!!! Thank you Joanne.

The Peltiers -

I couldn’t be happier with choosing Joanne Palermo from It Takes A Village Baby Consultants to work with on sleep training.  Our 3 1/2 month old daughter was only napping in the swing and waking up very often at night.  Joanne took the time to get to know our daughter and created a customized plan just for her.  We adjusted to plan as needed along the way, including weaning the middle of the night feeding and the dream feed. As we worked through the sleep training I called, emailed, or would text Joanne every day and she always got right back to me.  Joanne helped take out all the confusion I had from reading different books on sleep.  Her support was priceless through the process.  Our daughter now puts herself to sleep, sleeps about 10 hours a night, and is napping in her crib.

Jill -

Joanne is a miracle-worker! Our almost one-year-old was waking up three to five times a night and we spent hours each night rocking her back to sleep. Joanne worked with us and provided a plan to follow each night that we were comfortable doing. She never asked us to do something out of our comfort zone. It took a week and our daughter went into her crib without any crying and started sleeping 11 hours a night! We can’t thank Joanne enough for coaching us through this process.

Lauren -

Joanne took what seemed to us like a hopeless situation – a baby who woke 6-7 times at night, sometimes every hour, and who needed to be bounced or nursed to sleep for every nap…an exhausted baby and two exhausted parents – and gently guided us to a baby going to sleep on her own, sleeping the full night and 2-3 solid naps on her own. She listened to us to come up with a plan that worked for our family, and amazingly stuck with us through a few bumps in the road when we probably would have otherwise given up. She was kind, caring and responsive, and all three of our lives are changed for the better for having worked with her. She truly went above and beyond, and we are grateful for her help.

Allison -

I was amazed with how quickly Joanne’s guidance and support worked for our 6-month-old. Our entire family has benefited and we have loved having Joanne’s help with us through our sleepless nights. I have told all of my friends about her and they all wished that they knew of her when they were sleep deprived! Thanks so much Joanne.

Erin -

My twins were 9 months old and still not sleeping through the night when I contacted Joanne Palermo from It Takes a Village Baby Consultants. I had tried everything and had even read three different books on baby sleep training! Joanne helped me to develop a plan that my husband and I were comfortable with, and she was with me every step of the way as I navigated the unique challenges if sleep training twins. Now, both twins are sleeping 11 hours at night and napping in their cribs. I would highly recommend Joanne and It Takes a Village Baby Consultants to anyone looking to improve their child’s sleep habits.

Kate -

Our daughter had been very challenging lately and even though we were reading tons of parenting books and articles, nothing seemed to be really working. I got Joanne’s name from a friend who spoke very highly of her. Joanne came to our home so she could witness our daughter in her own environment and really force some of her “triggers.” She was able to give us a full written evaluation and then great ideas to implement. She works within your world and offers real life, practical solutions that are specific to child’s exact behavior. She only had to come a few times and her advice has helped us in a huge way!

R -

My son was 18 months when I finally contacted Joanne. My husband and I were sleep deprived and we had a very cranky child. I had read every sleep book out there and we had tried everything, but we couldn’t get our son to sleep through the night. Joanne put together a plan for our family and called, text and emailed daily to see how things were progressing. After two weeks we had a child sleeping through the night. My daughter was born in July and took after her brother when it came to sleeping. I knew I couldn’t let her get to the point my son had, so I contacted Joanne after 5 months. Again, Joanne put together a plan and contacted me daily to make adjustments. We now have two children who sleep through the night and everyone is happy! Joanne was a lifesaver for our family and I would highly recommend using her!

Kristen & Matt -

Joanne and Gia were so wonderful! It was such a comfort and joy to have them in our home to help prepare for our first baby! They are full of knowledge and made my husband, sisters, family and me feel confident and ready for our bundle of joy to arrive! Knowing that Joanne and Gia are available to answer questions and will come back after our baby arrives is a blessing! I can not thank them enough for all the information and help they have provided us.

Lauren -

My husband I just had a personal, in­-home session with Joanne covering many of the basics of newborn care that are beyond feeding, bathing, and diapering. Learning about tummy time, swaddling, routines, and developmental markers from an expert made us feel much more confident that we will giving our baby the best start possible. Thank you Joanne!

Katelyn -

I worked with Joanne to help with sleep-training our 7-month-old. Joanne was very knowledgeable and gave us so much practical advice which we immediately implemented and began working that same night even before we started with the sleep training. It was so helpful to have some one to go to that would be understanding yet firm with sleep questions. Our daughter was completely sleep trained within the week, actually within a couple of days she was self-­soothing and sleeping through the night. Completely changed our lives…literally. Highly recommend It Takes A Village Baby Consultants!

Kristin -

Before we met with Joanne, our 5 month old daughter was up every 2­-3 hours. With her help, we saw improvement after just a few days and now she’s sleeping through the night! We could not be happier with results!

Stacey -

My husband & I received one of the best baby presents yet, a consult with Joanne at It Takes A Village Baby ConsultantsShe was a wealth of knowledge. We have gone to so many classes and we finished our consult feeling it was by far more helpful than all of the classes combined. She is incredibly sweet & patient and has years of experience and knowledge! We are so grateful for this incredible gift!

Megan -

Joanne of It Takes A Village Baby Consultants was a lifesaver for our family! She went out of her way to make sure we found the best solutions for us and our baby’s sleep situation and was our cheerleader through the tough moments. Now our little girl is a great night sleeper and my husband and I can finally enjoy our quiet nights together. I would recommend her services to any new parent!

Rachel -

Joanne Palermo and It Takes a Village Baby Consultants have been an invaluable service to our family. Our 14-month­-old daughter had almost never slept through the night and was getting way too little sleep during her naps. Joanne took the time to work with our parenting philosophy and comfort levels when implementing a sleep plan and is in constant contact with us. She made a 180 degree change in our daughter’s sleep habits and we plan to work with her in the future to better prepare for our second baby due next March!

Jacqueline -