Toddler and Preschooler Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Toddler CryingTantrums, meltdowns, hitting, and picky eating are all typical behaviors for toddlers and preschoolers.

These behaviors can wreak havoc on our households.

In the privacy of your home or via phone, Skype, or FaceTime, Village Baby Consultants will give you the confidence you need to handle any of your parenting dilemmas and restore sanity to your home.

These include:

  • Bedtime Battles
  • Child Development: Play activities to keep your toddler busy and learning throughout the day.
  • Daily Routines
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Time Out
  • New Siblings
  • Picky Eaters (drinking too much milk; refusing to eat; limiting food choices)
  • Potty Training
  • Setting Realistic Expectations for your toddler
  • Tantrums: How to avoid them and what to do when they occur
  • Understanding Your Child’s Temperament and how it affects behavior

The Process:

  • Within 24 hours, Village Baby Consultants will contact you and ask that you fill out an Initial Consultation Questionnaire. This questionnaire includes questions that will help our consultants gather information regarding your specific concerns.
  • After a review of your concerns, the consultant will schedule a time to either meet with you in the privacy of your home or via phone, Skype, or FaceTime to provide you with strategies to support you with your specific issues.
  • An individualized written parenting plan will be created which outlines specific strategies to be used for your family.
  • A follow-up meeting (in-home or online) with both parents and consultant will be scheduled to discuss the plan or any changes that are needed.

Cost: $120.00 per hour (Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs) or online Consultation.

For assistance executing the parent plan, Parent Consulting Packages consisting of 4 – 15 min. phone calls and emails are available, too!

Cost: additional $80.00

Baby and Toddler 911

There are times when reading a book or asking your friends is just not enough. You need quick, straightforward advice that does not compromise your parenting style.

Village Baby Consultants understand that there is not a textbook, cookie cutter answer to parenting dilemmas. Each family is unique and need specialized advice.

Cost: $80 for 60 minutes.

All of our services can be combined and customized for your family. Please contact us so we can work together to find an affordable package that best supports your growing family.

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